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Civilian Conservation Corps - Bradford Campus: Archaeological Reports

This guide is designed to give an overview of the materials and artifacts in the Michael and Marie T. Schultz Collection of Civil Conservation Corps memorabilia.

CCC Archaeological Reports

A University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Archaeology Field School was conducted almost every summer on the Allegheny National Forest from 1987 through 2009, under the supervision of archaeologist Isabelle Champlin, UPB instructor of anthropology, working in collaboration with ANF archaeologists Leif Anderson, Robert Scott, Bert Herbert, Dean Harshberger, Rick Kandare, and Jack McLaughlin.  The projects each summer were Phase I site surveys, with shovel testing.  The field school participants were usually university students enrolled in Anthropology 0108: Archaeological Fieldwork, but also included IU9 middle school students enrolled in Summer Academy, and Blaisdell Elementary School 5th grade students.  

This lists all the field schools, with the CCC sites in bold font. Besides the archaeologists, hydrologists, and surveyors from the Forest Service, the students also met Dr. Schultz, a CCC era historian, and veterans from the New Castle chapter of the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni, who traveled from near Pittsburgh. Summary reports of the fieldwork projects were submitted to the Allegheny National Forest at the end of each summer, including maps and photographs.

  1. Elijah Run Rockshelter #1  -Leif Anderson and Bert Herbert
  2. Windfall Run Rockshelter #1   -Bert Herbert and Dean Harshberger
  3. Windfall Run Rockshelter #1   -Bert Herbert
  4. Bradford Campus Backwoods
  5. Bradford Campus Backwoods (revisited Windfall Run and Elijah Run with Robert Scott)
  6. CCC Camp #5 (Sugar Run)  with Robert Scott (Available at the Hanley Library)
  7. Kinzua Heights Rockshelter Survey (also Buckaloons & Penelec) Robert Scott & Jack McLaughlin
  8. Johnson Farm (Tracy Ridge) and CCC #12 (Lamont)   (Available at the Hanley Library)
  9. Hollister Farm and Nelse Run Buckboard Road (Tracy Ridge), also Birdsell Edey   -Jack McLaughlin
  10. Birdsall Edey Girl Scout Camp 36Wa316,  also Penelec  -Jack McLaughlin
  11. Penelec site with Stan Lantz and CCC #7 (Bowman’s Mills) and Crook Farm (Unavailable at the Hanley Library)
  12. No field school this summer
  13. CCC Camp #13 (Bull Hill) and CCC Elderhostel   -Jack McLaughlin (Available at the Hanley Library)
  14. CCC Camp #3 (Red Bridge) with Blaisdell School  (and CCC Elderhostel)
  15. Indian Valley shovel testing  36 Fo4    -Jack McLaughlin
  16. CCC Camp #3 (Red Bridge) with Pitt students   -Jack McLaughlin (Available at the Hanley Library)
  17. CCC Camp #14 (Willow Creek) and Little Ireland    -Jack McLaughlin (Available at the Hanley Library)
  18. Tuna Creek Walkovers (no field school)

 2005.  Greater Glen Charles sawmill and Nusbaum Chemical Plant  -Jack McLaughlin

 2006.  Greater Glen Charles sawmill  -Jack McLaughlin

 2007.  No field school

 2008.  Glen Charles + Duhring + Willow Bay Stabilization   -Jack McLaughlin

 2009.  Mallory Lease  (and Oil 150 Celebration)    -Jack McLaughlin