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Global Disaster Management: Nuclear Threats / Atomic Bombs

This research guide is a starting point for research into the management of global disasters. It supports Pitt classes and workshops like - Building Community Resilience to Global Hazards, as well as the Hazard SEES Team members and their research.

Atomic Bomb Videos

Video Collection of atomic bomb test videos from US military  shot in the 1940s and 1950s [public domain].

File:Hiroshima 10km.jpg

Picture of the Hiroshima atom bomb cloud, believed to have been taken on 6 August 1945 (8:45AM) about 30 seconds after detonation of about 10km (6 miles) east of the hypocentre.  This picture, found in Honkawa Elementary School in 2013, is in the public domain.

Case Study: Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nuclear weapons materials on the black market are a global concern, and there is concern about the possible detonation of a small, crude nuclear weapon by a militant group in a major city, with significant loss of life and property. 

File:Hiroshima aftermath.jpg

Hiroshima Aftermath of Atomic Bomb dropped 6 August 1945, with writing of Paul Tibbets , a WWII US Air Force brigadier general and the pilot of the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb, the Enola Gay.

Selected Books