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Global Disaster Management: Hurricanes and Cyclones

This research guide is a starting point for research into the management of global disasters. It supports Pitt classes and workshops like - Building Community Resilience to Global Hazards, as well as the Hazard SEES Team members and their research.



Anatomy of a Hurricane in the northern hemisphere. Click on image to enlarge it. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

What is a hurricane, typhoon, or tropical cyclone?

The terms "hurricane" and "typhoon" are regionally specific names for a strong "tropical cyclone".  [From The Hurrican Research Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic Meteorological Laboratory of NOAA - the National Oceanic  & Atmospheric Administration.]

Federal Agencies & Organizations

Case Study: Hurricane Katrina

Map of Hurricane Katrina track using color scheme representing wind speeds from Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale with points showing location of each storm at 6-hour intervals by Nilfanion from 


Natural Hazards Center: Research Report, "The Emergency Management Response to Hurricane Katrina: As Told by the First Responders--A Case Study of What Went Wrong & Recommendations for the Future, published by the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder

The Storm that Drowned a City: Transcript, photos, and information resources from the NOVA program "The Storm that Drowned the City," on PBS (2005)

The History Channel: Aerial video clip of New Orleans taken from a news helicopter, after Hurricane Katrina


Tropical Cyclone Centers

International Organizations