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Language of Science and Technology - Oakland Campus: Databases & Online Information

A guide for students in ENGCMP 1101 with Professor Edwards.


A database is an online collection of articles and information you can search by using a special interface.  Databases often contain scholarly and peer-reviewed information. 

Database often contain subject specific scholarly articles and resources.  Listed to the right are databases that can help for finding medical and business related information.  For more databases, please visit the ULS's Databases A-Z or Databases by Subject lists.

Related Databases - Business

While viewing a company's website can provide credible information about that company, you can also search business databases for additional information.

Related Databases - Medical

Using nursing and medical related databases will help you when looking for scholarly information such as diabetes, glucose, and insulin pumps. 

General Databases

Below are a few general databases that are a good place to while beginning of your research.

In many databases, you can limit your results by date or full-text.