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Anthropology Resources - Oakland Campus: Using PITTCat+

This guide is intended to provide an overview of resources available at the University of Pittsburgh Oakland Campus for research and study in the field of Anthropology.

Using PITTCat+

PITTCat+ is the search interface for the University Library System (ULS) and allows you to search for content in books, journal articles, newspapers, microforms, e-books, and other sources. To access PITTCat+, use the search bar on the ULS homepage as you would any web search engine. Then follow these steps to help refine your search results:

  1. From the library homepage, select the large PITTCat+ icon at the top-center of the page
  2. Enter your search terms as you would in any search engine (e.g. Google)
  3. The search results screen is split into a number of sections as described below:
  • Search results are listed down the center of the screen by relevance. Results can be re-sorted by date using the drop-down in the top-right of the screen
  • You may refine your search set using the limiters in the left column of the screen including:
    • Library Location
    • Year
    • Content Type (e.g. book, journal, ebook, dvd)
    • Language
  • Upon selecting an item, you will be taken to the library catalog record for the item
  • On occasion, the interface may recommend a more specific search system for your query and offer links to those research databases

PITTCat+ basic search interface

PITTCat+ Results Screen