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Curtis Theatre Collection @ Pitt Special Collections: Broadway Materials

The Curtis Collection documents the history of the performing arts in Pittsburgh

Resources for Broadway History

Using the Broadway Theatre Programs in Curtis

The New York programs are chiefly from Broadway shows, although there is a section of Off-Broadway programs as well. Programs date from 1857 to the present. In recent years, the Curtis Collection has had a subscription with Playbill, the program publishing company of the Broadway stage; opening night programs for new Broadway shows are sent directly to us.

NY Broadway programs are arranged by the opening night date of the play. When requesting a NY program for a specific play, you will need to have at least a general idea of when the play ran.  If you do not know the date, the Curtis curator can help you, or go to the Internet Broadway Database, and search by production title. Off-Broadway programs are arranged by date and theatre name. Again, we will be able to locate programs much more quickly if you know this information beforehand.  Off-Broadway production information can be located at the Internet Off-Broadway Database.  Also, the New York Times Historical database is quite resourceful for finding opening night dates and other articles on Off-Broadway and older Broadway producitons