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Asian Country Research @ Pitt: Eastern Religions Databases

This guide features selected high-quality resources on the global, political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the continent of Asia and its countries. It features individual country pages as well as sources searchable by topic or country.

Eastern Religion

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Religious Traditions

Hinduism - The world's oldest religion orginated in India in the third millenium B.C. centers on the liberation of one's soul to escape the rebirth cycle. The pantheon of Hindu deities are numerous. 

Buddhism - Inspired by the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama in the 5th century B.C, Buddhism focuses on spiritual practice to break the pattern of suffering. According to Thedavara Buddhism, the enlightenment of the soul may take many rebirths. Mahayanna Buddhism includes the Zen and Tibetan subsets. 

Confucianism - A system of teachings created in the 6th century by a government official in China. Confucius thought focuses on principles of order and duty. 

Taoism -  (Also spelled Daoism) Developed from a variety of ancient Chinese texts, teachings focus on compassion, moderation, and humility. 

Shinto -  From the animist tradition of Japan, Shinto practice is based upon the belief that every being and object has its own spirit or kami. Respect for the kamis in nature is fundamental.

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