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Asian Country Research @ Pitt: Books

This guide features selected high-quality resources on the global, political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the continent of Asia and its countries. It features individual country pages as well as sources searchable by topic or country.

Finding Books

These selected recent titles from the ULS catalogue are frequently available both online and in print. Many more books covering these and other topics about Asia are available.

Tips to searching the catalogue are on the PITTCat+ page under Help on this guide.

East Asian Library

East Asian Library - located on 2nd floor of Hillman Library

Pitt's East Asian Library (EAL), which ranks 13th in size among all the East Asian collections in North America, consists of four collections—Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English languages. The Library has approximately 303,000 volumes of Chinese, 135,000 volumes of Japanese, 16,900 volumes of Korean and some English language materials, plus over 900 titles of periodicals published in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and the United States. Most English language materials are located on the upper floors of Hillman Library. The EAL also features 18 major area studies online databases, over 27 current newspapers, 4,400 multi-media resources(housed in the University's Stark Media Resource Center), and around 14,475 reels of microfilms, 

The EAL's primary mission is to support the Asian Studies Center for instruction and research in Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies..




Political Studies