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Classics - Oakland Campus: Books

A Greek Author

Image of a bust of Homer

Homer, British Museum

Ways to Borrow

Get It! offers delivery of items that are not checked out to a library location that is most convenient for you!  Get it! lets everyone request delivery of books from any ULS library, ULS Storage, and regional campuses.

After finding a book, click on the Get It! symbol in the catalog record, and fill out the form. Log in using your University Computing Account (email) username and password.

To use Get it!

  1. Find the item you want (or can't locate on the shelf) in PITTCat Classic
  2. Click the "Request This Item" link in the record
  3. Log in and follow the on-screen instructions to request your item
  4. You will be notified via your Pitt email address when the item is available
  5. Faculty requesting materials for delivery directly to an office, please follow the instructions under Faculty Delivery

More Information

If Pitt Libraries don't have the books you need, you can use E-ZBorrow to request the items from other academic libraries.  Borrow an item from one of 50+ other regional libraries -- fast! You will need your Pitt ID number (starts with 2P) to use E-ZBorrow.

  • Pick up and return the items at any ULS Library. Items are generally delivered within 4-7 days
  • You will be notified via email when the book is available for pickup
  • E-ZBorrow items are checked out for six weeks with one six week renewal
  • Overdue fines are .25 per day/per item
  • The E-ZBorrow system handles requests for books. If you need a photocopy of an article, please request it through ILL (Interlibrary Loan) 
  • Your Patron ID No. is the number on your PITT ID

More Information

If you cannot find the materials you need from Get It! or E-Z Borrow, try Interlibrary Loan (ILL)!  You can order books or articles through this service, that will again be delivered to you for free.

ILL services are available to Pitt students, staff and faculty with a valid Pitt ID and Pitt computing account

• Articles usually arrive within 4 days and will be downloadable from your list of requests 
• Loans usually arrive within 2 weeks and will be visible from your account in PITTCat once they arrive
• Loan periods and renewals vary depending on the lending institution
• Loans can be picked up and returned at any ULS library
• Overdue fines are $1 per day per item, with no grace period
• A one-time user registration is required before making an ILL request.  You will not need to re-enter personal information every time you make a request

More Information

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Library Call Numbers

Classical studies includes all subjects relating to the ancient world.  For browsing the library's shelves it is helpful to know the call numbers for books.  A list is provided below:

  • B108 - 708 = Ancient philosophy
  • BL700 - 820 = Classical religion and mythology
  • BR160 - 240 = Early history of Christianity
  • CE21 - 46 = Ancient chronography (Greek and Roman calendars)
  • CJ201 - 1400 = Ancient numismatics
  • CN1 - 100 = Ancient epigraphy
  • DE = The Greco-Roman world
  • DF1 - 500 = Ancient Greece
  • DG1 - 399 = Ancient Italy
  • G82 - 88 = Ancient geography
  • GT530 - 580 = Ancient dress and costume
  • GV17 - 35, 573 = Ancient sports and games
  • HC 31 - 39 = Ancient economic history
  • HD4844 = Labor in the ancient world
  • HF355 - 381 = History of ancient trade and commerce
  • HN9 - 10 = Ancient social history
  • HQ13 = Ancient sexuality
  • HQ506 - 512 = The family in antiquity
  • HQ1127 - 1139 = Women in the ancient world
  • HT863 = Ancient slavery
  • JC51 - 93 = Ancient political institutions and theory
  • KJA = Roman law
  • ML162 - 160 = Ancient music (in the Music Library on the Oakland campus)
  • N = Art, subdivided by artistic medium (in the Frick Fine Arts Library on the Oakland campus)
  • P901 - 1099 = Extinct Asian and European languages
  • PA = Classical philology
  • R126 - 127 = Ancient medical works
  • R135 = History of ancient medicine
  • T16 = Ancient technology
  • U29 - 35 = Warfare in antiquity
  • Z105 - 115 = Paleography

A Latin Author

Image: Bust of Vergil from his tomb in Naples

Bust of Vergil from his tomb in Naples

Print, Save, & Export

To save a list of records, mouse-over the upper right corner of each record in the result list to activate the Save this item folder icon. Click on the folder icon to save items to the Saved Items folder that displays at the top of your screen. You can print, email, or export your selected records from this temporary folder.

Use the export feature in the folder to save the items to your account in RefWorks, EndNote, or other citation management product.