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Chinese Newspapers, Periodicals, Dissertations @ Pitt: Outside Resources

This guide aims to help readers access and use Chinese newspapers, periodicals and dissertations through The East Asian Library at University of Pittsburgh.

申報 (Shun Pao, or Shen Bao)

Shun Pao (or Shen Bao), also known in English as Shanghai News, was the first daily newspaper in China that was established in 1872 by British businessman Ernest Major (1841-1908).  Ceased in 1949, it was one of the most influential modern Chinese newspapers.  For more information see


Haihui Zhang, Chinese Studies Librarian

Yue Xu, Visiting Librarian

For Titles Not Available at ULS

For Titles Not Available in the U.S.

南方周末 = Southern Weekend


Southern Weekend is one of China’s most popular newspapers.  It is owned and published by the independent-minded Southern Daily Group.

Chinese Studies Librarian

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Haihui Zhang
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