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Emerging Markets - BRICS & CIVETS Resources @ Pitt (Brazil, India, Russia, China, South Africa & Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and more ...): BRICS Resources by Country

This guide is designed to provide selected high-quality resources for those interested in emerging market economies. It features individual country pages as well as sources searchable by topic or country.

What is BRIC / BRICS?

"BRIC" is a political term used to name the world's four fastest growing economies which are Brazil, RussiaIndia, and China.  The term was thought up by Goldman Sachs in 2003 to argue the economic potential of Brazil, RussiaIndia, and China, and their global importance in the near future.
Extended terms for BRIC are
   - BRICS (South Africa) and
   - BRICET (Eastern European nations and Turkey)
   - BRIMC (Mexico)
(Definition from the Urban Dictionary)

Disclaimer about external resources

The links provided under the "External Web Resources" heading have been culled from independent sources.  Some are personal web pages, business pages, newspapers, government websites, etc. and most are not scholarly.


Map of O'Neill's BRICS countries

For a larger version, click on the map.

Map of BRICS Countries

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

External Web Resources - by Country Name

Here you can find a country-by-country list of external web resources.  The page for each emerging market economy country includes links to general history and culture related websites, as well as news resources and official government websites. 

Click the country's name below, or select from the drop-down menu under the "External Web Resources" tab above.

The BRICS countries encompasses the following countries:

Click on the country's name link above, or select from the drop-down menu under the "External Web Resources" tab above.

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Credit for Country Pages

This research guide was created by Lois Kepes with the assistance of Dawnlyn Diehl, MLIS Graduate Student Intern at Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh in 2012-2014. Dawnlyn researched the country pages.