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Course & Subject Guides

Chemistry Capstone - Bradford Campus

This guide provides research assistance to undergraduate students in Dr. Francis Mulcahy's CHEM 1451 Capstone: Chemistry at the Bradford Campus.

Need Help with a Class?

Visit the Pitt-Bradford Academic Coaching & Tutoring Center at 249 Hanley Library


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Get help:

  • One-on-one tutoring from UPB students who are nationally accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
  • Review sessions
  • Academic coaching
  • Study skills resources
  • Test-taking resources

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Need Help With Math?

Visit the Pitt-Bradford Math Center at 251 Hanley Library

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Need Help Writing a Paper?

Visit the Pitt-Bradford Writing Center at 250 Hanley Library


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Get help:

  • Forming a Thesis
  • Content of Paper
  • Focus of Paper
  • Organization and Structure
  • Citations and References
  • Grammer, Punctuation, and Spelling
  • Word choice, etc.

Make an appointment with the Writing Center.