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Chinese Classics @ Pitt: Related Guides, Links and Help

This guide introduces ways to access Chinese classics at Pitt.

Sample of Chinese Rare Books @ Pitt

《山海經廣注》 is especially important to the study of the ancient mythology in China. This woodcut book was printed in Kangxi 6 nien (1667) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and contains annotations by a noted scholar, Wu Renchen (1628-1689).

Chinese Local Gazetteers @ Pitt

Chinese Local Gazetteers (地方志) is an important type of Chinese primary documents. For more information on accessing Chinese Local Gazetteers at Pitt please visit -

Chinese Rare Books at Pitt

Besides reprints of Chinese classics and databases there are also some precious Chinese rare books housed at ULS Special Collection Department and Rare Book Room at Falk Library of the Health Sciences. Those books were printed and published before 1795. Titles are searchable at PITTCat. For policies and service of Special Collection Department, please contact the liaison for ULS Special Collection Department and visit websites below -


If you have questions about accessing Chinese Classics please contact:


Haihui Zhang, Chinese Studies Librarian