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Science and Religion Seminar - Bradford Campus: Locating Articles

A guide of resources and information to assist freshman students in Dr. Richard Melka's FS 0102 FRESHMAN SEMINAR: Science and Religion

Searching Techniques

Combining Search Terms  - You can craft complex searches using Boolean operators AND, OR, and  NOT. These operators must be written in ALL CAPS.  The PITTCat+ searching default is the AND operator.

Phrase Searching - PittCat+ allows for phrase searching with the use of “  “. For example, the search "pittsburgh renaissance" will find items with the phrase pittsburgh renaissance in them.

Wildcard and TrucationYou can use wildcard (*) and truncation (?) symbols to search PITTCat+.

Research Process Diagram

Having Trouble with Keywords?

Photo of Librarians Kim Bailey, Marietta Frank, and Catherine Baldwin

Kim Bailey (left) / Marietta Frank (center) / Catherine Baldwin (right)

Contact us:

Kimberly Bailey 814-362-7621

Marietta Frank 814-362-7614

Catherine Baldwin 814-362-7613

The Research Process

  • Develop a topic that asks a question or poses a problem that interests you.
  • Select appropriate search terms (keywords) for your topic.   When investigating science vs. religion, some examples may be:
    • creationism
    • evolution
    • intelligent design
    • Darwinism
    • religious freedom
    • code of life
    • Genesis
    • human origins
    • science and technology
    • theology
  • Search PITTCat+ and subject oriented databases.
  • Revise your topic. Determine how you will answer your question.
  • Evaluate your resources carefully!
  • When in doubt, contact your librarian or professor.

The Information Search Worksheet below will help to refine a research topic.  The Scholarly Information online tutorial will assist in determining if an article is scholarly.  You may also want to consult the book Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish, 3rd. ed., 2011, by Ellen R. Girden.  This book is available at the Bradford Campus Library  Q180.55.E9 G57 2011.  Also, don't forget to review the Avoiding Plagiarism video as plagiarism is a serious offense at the college level.

Suggested Databases for Science and Religion Articles


Review of Boolean Operators

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