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Faculty and Staff Development Program - Oakland Campus: Welcome!

From Information to Insight: this hands-on course for the Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP) from Human Resources will introduce users to our library system's resources and services.

The University Library System

The University of Pittsburgh libraries and collections provide an abundant amount of information and services to our students, faculty, staff, administrators, and researchers. In fiscal year 2014, the University Library System's collections have surpassed 6.6 million volumes. In addition, they contain over 1 million ebooks. (University Fact Book 2015)

Health Sciences and Law Libraries

In addition to the ULS libraries and resources, Pitt has two additional separate library systems that support the Health Sciences and the Law School.

Library Locations and Directions

Image of Pitt libraries and their location on campus






A complete list of Library locations and directions can be found on this page.

Your Librarian

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Leslie Poljak
207D Hillman Library
Pittsburgh, PA 15260