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Dissertations @ Pitt: Writing a Thesis or Dissertation @ Pitt

This guide will help you locate dissertations and theses from the University of Pittsburgh, national, and international institutions.

Getting Started: What is a Dissertation or Thesis?

So, what is a dissertation or thesis?

A dissertation is a written essay, treatise, or thesis that is prepared as a requirement for the award of a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.). Dissertations demonstrate your ability to build theory, test ideas, and/or discover new knowledge (Kerchener, Charles T, 1994).

A thesis is a written essay or treatise that is prepared as a requirement for the award of a Master's Degree. Usually done on a particular subject in which one has done original research (

How do I write and publish my dissertation or thesis?

Use the resources and services on this page!

On Campus Resources and Services

Citing Sources Using a Citation Manager

Keep track of all of your reference lists and bibliographies. Pitt's library resources work with citation management tools and allow you to import citations from sources like PITTCat+ and article databases. 

PITTStop: Thesis Quest


Find books on writing a successful dissertation or theses by searching PITTCat+, the library catalog.

Here are a few highlighted books!