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Course & Subject Guides

Geography 0810 - Johnstown Campus

This Guide will help you use the University Library System to find geographic information for Geography 0810 Earth and People

class objectives

Objectives for the course

This course has been designed to introduce students to the field of Geography.

Various topics have been selected for presentation in order to acquaint students with concepts, ideas, and facts pertaining to geography. Specifically, the course is planned to help students:

1.      acquire a variety of factual knowledge to better understand and appreciate the world in which we live

2.      understand the development and evolution of geography as an important component of the Social Science discipline

3.      examine the status of geography today, and look at the various opportunities offered in the field

4.      appreciate the interrelationship among the human, physical and environmental geography

5.      gain a knowledge of our world by investigating the interdependence of its various regions

6.      develop basic skills in map reading, map interpretation, and other tools and techniques used by geographers

7.      cultivate an awareness and understanding of the various social, political, and economic differences among the world’s cultural realms

8.       Realize the contributions made by geographers to the international understanding and cooperation

Class information






    If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and the Office of Health and Wellness Services, G10 Student Union Building, (814) 269-7119 as early as possible in the term. The office of Health and Wellness will verify your disability and determine reasonable accommodations for this course.



   This introductory course is recommended for students who have had no previous college-level geography courses. It is a required WOK course; more information is given on the last page of this handout. It is also a required course for GEOGRAPHY majors and is strongly recommended for EDUCATION and ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES majors.  


   Class attendance is very strongly recommended since new material will be presented to complement the book. A number of assignments will be given and collected in class. Not turning in the work will lower your final grade !!!!! No late assignments will be accepted.  




   The test material will come from class lectures, the textbook, map work assignments, all reading assignments, class handouts, and visual presentations.  No extra credit work will be accepted to make up for a low test grades. (look at #3 above regarding class assignments)

   Each of the three exams will be based on 100 points with the following grade distribution: A: 95 and above;  A-: 90-94;  B+: 87-89; B: 84-86; B-: 80-83; C+: 77-79; C: 74-76; C-: 70-73; D+: 67-69; D: 64-66; D-: 60-63; F: under 60                       



   If a student decides to take a comprehensive optional final exam, the exam grade will be worth 50% of the course grade, and the grade earned during the term for the other 50%


***** 6. Please come to class ready to take notes and ask questions. To ensure the free and open discussion of ideas, students may not record classroom lectures, discussions and/or activities in this class. Learn to take notes and integrate them with the readings of the textbook and other reading material.

 7. World of Knowledge Requirements

   Beginning this term, all freshman UPJ students will be required to complete a number of courses under the heading of WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE (WOK) classes. Students who have been here prior to this year will have an option of completing the requirement established at  the time of their entrance.

This class – EARTH and PEOPLE (Geography 0810) falls under the category of THE WORLD OF GLOBAL HISTORY AND CULTURE and will count as one of the required classes.

The general description of this category of classes is shown below:

“In the 21st century, humans communicate and interact with each other much more easily and quickly across the globe in commerce, politics, and cultural activities, as developments on one continent may shape opportunities and challenges on another. Students should demonstrate an ability to analyze critically the ways in which their lives are connected to the lives of others around the world. Students should increase their understanding of differences among peoples, the interrelationships of the differences, and analyze the effects of these differences.”

   After taking this class, students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of different cultures and social systems, understand the major issues facing various regions, and  analyze the interconnectedness and distinctions among the world’s nation-states.




reading and class materials


A.      Required materials 

            A textbook (Earth and People: An Introduction to Geography - 2016 Kory) will be required for the class. Other reading material will be assigned in class. USE ONLY THE Fifth EDITION (2016) BOOK FOR THE CLASS.                            


B.        Class format

            Classes will consist of lectures, discussions, visual presentations, and map work. Class participation is strongly encouraged.


C.        Assignments

Assignments will be given in class and collected. No late assignments will be accepted. The assigned work is part of the course and not turning them in will lower your final grade.  


D.         Maps  

Blank maps in the back of the textbook should be used to identify the nations of the world’s regions.