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Spanish Capstone - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist undergraduate students in developing and writing their senior thesis in the Spanish Capstone Seminar, SPAN 1950.

Spanish and Latin American Studies Videos and DVDs @ Pitt-Greensburg

As a Pitt-Greensburg student, you have access to a number of videos and DVDs related to the study of the Spanish, as well as Latin American studies.  You may search PittCat to find these, or other videos and DVDs, but a few are listed below.  (Note: To view a DVD's record in PittCat, please click on the image.)

The Hugo Chavez Show



   The Hugo Chavez Show, 2008



Mango Yellow



  Amarelo Manga (Mango Yellow), 2005



The Alhambra


   The Alhambra and the Reign of Queen Isabella of Spain, 2006



Bad Education



    La Mala Educacion (Bad Education), 2005



El Cid



    El Cid, 2008



Mexico The Frozen Revolution



   Mexico, the Frozen Revolution, 2007