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Primary Sources in History - Titusville Campus: Digital Tools

Designed to assist History students distinguish between Primary and Secondary Sources

Timeline JS


Timelines JS can be used to create interactive timelines. Upload photos, videos, sound, and more to accompany dates on the timeline, and add your own annotations.  

Example of a Timeline: 

Mandela: A Life of Purpose

Page Credit

This page was created by Kiana Gonzalez, 2015-2016 MLIS Diversity Intern.

StoryMap JS

StoryMap JS is an interactive digital tool, freely accessible to those with a Google account, that can be used to tell stories-or provide other kinds of information- sequentially connected by their locations on a map or image.  

Use the GigaPixel StoryMap feature to create stories using an image file of your choosing. Simply upload a high resolution picture of a photograph you took, an art historical image, etc. 

Use the SnapMap feature in conjunction with your geo-tagged Instagram photos to create a personal StoryMap. 

-Use to create engaging historical narratives 

-Share easily in the classroom to accompany a presentation or project

Examples of StoryMaps: 

Hieronymus Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights

Journey to Nowhere: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370