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Capstone - Elementary Education - Bradford Campus: APA Citation Help

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in EDUC 1451 with Dr. Dombek with the research for their assignments and papers.

Avoiding Plagiarism

APA Style, Tutorials, etc.

The American Psychological Association site offers tutorials and answers FAQs about writing papers, referencing sources, and citing sources.

Sample Citations in APA (6th edition)

Journal Article (continuous pagination, electronic format, with a doi)

Lawson, H. M., & Leck, K. (2006). Dynamics of internet dating.

     Social Science Computer Review, 24, 189-208. doi:10.1177/



Journal Article (continuous pagination, electronic format, without a doi)

Ulin, D. (2009). Tourism, landscape, and the Irish character: British

     travel writers in pre-famine Ireland. Victorian Studies, 546-548.

     Retrieved from



Ewert, K. (2006). Henry V. New York, NY: Palgrave.

Additional APA examples

APA PowerPoint Presentation