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GLBT Resources - Johnstown Campus: Finding Books & Reference Materials

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Finding Books in Owen Library

Materials in Owen Library are located in three main areas in the library. When you click on a title in PITTCat, you will see both a call number and location information for the title. Here is a breakdown of the three areas:

  1. Reference Collection - these books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, statistics, and more. (first floor)
  2. General Collection - these books cover a range of topics and content from theory to fiction to biographies. Books in Owen Library are organized by the Library of Congress classification scheme and similarly themed books are grouped together. Books on GLBT issues might be classified with a P call number (Languages & Literature) or HQ (Social Groups). For example, if you find a relevant book with a call number of HQ1075, browse the collection in that area. Chances are, you will find another book that will be equally helpful.(second floor)
  3. Audiovisuals - these materials are located on the first floor and include videos and CDs. Most videos can be borrowed for two weeks, or viewed in the Library.

For more information on searching for books in PITTCat+, see this handout. See the video below for information on finding books on the shelf.

Navigate through the tabs at the top of the page for specific book recommendations on each issue available in the Owen Library collection.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

Owen Library uses the Library of Congress system.  While this is not a video of our library it presents a nice demonstration for using the LC system