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Freshman Seminar Faculty Toolkit - Bradford: Slow Reading

This guide will provide resources for faculty teaching Freshman Seminar on the Bradford Campus.

Practical Applications of Slow Reading

  1. Limit number of assignments to encourage student focus.
  2. Limit number of texts and readings used for the course.
  3. Offer reflective assignments to allow students to make thoughtful connections with text.
  4. Provide and review rubrics prior to assignments to alleviate student stress and provide a basis for quality work.
  5. Set weekly due dates for parts of larger, longer term assignments to encourage a methodical approach to learning.
  6. Allow students to choose a topic of interest from the bookA Pearl in the Storm by Tori Murden McClure, and use that topic as a basis for a brief research project.
  7. Schedule a class in the library so Kim, Catherine, or Marietta can aid students at the start of a research project.
  8. Create an atmosphere of curiosity and reflection by slowing your teaching pace.
  9. Model reading for meaning by reading brief passages aloud, pausing for discussion.
  10. Directly address the concept and benefits of reading more slowly.  Relate it to eating slowly.
  11. Encourage students to find focus by placing phones and ear buds in their backpacks.