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Freshman Seminar Faculty Toolkit - Bradford: MLA Citations

This guide will provide resources for faculty teaching Freshman Seminar on the Bradford Campus.

MLA Style (8th edition)

Avoiding Plagiarism

Building an MLA Citation

Additional MLA examples

Sample Citations in MLA (8th edition)

Popular Magazine Article viewed in electronic database  (MLA, pp. 32, 46-68)

McCabe, Nancy.  “A Bogeyman with Supernatural Powers.” Newsweek

     17 Oct. 2005: p. 26. Academic Search Premier,


Scholarly Journal viewed in electronic database  (MLA, pp. 32, 46-68)

Ulin, Don. "Reforming Wordsworth: William Howitt and the 'Great Republican

     Conservative.'” European Romantic Review, vol. 20, no. 3, 2009, pp. 309-25.

     Taylor and Francis, doi:10.1080/10509580902986294.

Newspaper viewed in electronic database--Continuous pagination, no section designation (MLA, pp. 32, 46-68) 

Lubasch, Arnold H.  “Seneca Ceremony Mourns Land Taken by U. S.

     Despite Treaty." New York Times, 17 Sept. 1962, late city ed., pp. 1+. 

     ProQuest Historical Newspapers,



Citing Sources Using a Citation Manager

Keep track of all of your reference lists and bibliographies. Pitt's library resources work with tools such as Mendeley and EndNote, and allow you to import citations from sources like PITTCat+ and article databases.