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Freshman Seminar Faculty Toolkit - Bradford: Epistemology

This guide will provide resources for faculty teaching Freshman Seminar on the Bradford Campus.

What is epistemology?

Resources for Teaching

Interesting Articles

Hinckley, Story. (2016, December 15). Why fake news holds such allure. Christian Science Monitor.

Nyhan, B., and Reifler, J. (2010). When corrections fail: The persistence of political misperceptions. Political Behavior, 32, 303-330. doi: 10.1007/s11109-010-9112-2

Peter, C., and Koch, T. (2016). When debunking scientific myths fails (and when it does not): The backfire effect in the context of journalistic coverage and immediate judgments as prevention strategy. Science Communication, 38, 3-25. doi:10.1177/1075547015613523

Swanson, T. (2006). Information literacy, personal epistemology, and knowledge construction. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 13, 93-112. doi:10.13--/J106v13n03_07