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Freshman Seminar Faculty Toolkit - Bradford

This guide will provide resources for faculty teaching Freshman Seminar on the Bradford Campus.

How to use this libguide


(, 2020)

                            This libguide (or library guide) provides faculty and students with resources for the                                       Bradford Campus Freshman Seminar course.

Your librarians are here to help you utilize library resources.

Please reach out to Kim, Marietta, or Catherine if you would like further assistance!



Kim Bailey                                Marietta Frank                    Catherine Baldwin

362-7621                                       362-7614                                          362-7613                         

How your library can help you

We can also help you, and your students, by:

  • locating resources like databases, books, journals, and articles for teaching
  • teaching research sessions within the library to kick off student assignments
  • reviewing citation styles and the importance of intellectual property
  • locating subject-specific libguides, with resources you can use in your class
  • purchasing and requesting items within the library's collection - and beyond! 
  • making connections between your text and various curricular areas
  • requesting resources from other libraries
  • creating libguides to support your courses
  • and much more!