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Philosophy @ Pitt: Books

A brief guide to information resources in Philosophy at Pitt.

Handbooks and Reference Books in the ULS's Philosophy Collection

The ULS has a very large collection of books on topics in philosophy. These books can be found on any of the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh so it pays dividends to look at listings as such books can be retrieved for use no matter which campus you are on and no matter which campus the material is held as a home locality.  There are many books that will be useful to researchers  that can be accessed through PITTCat+.  However, there are several series of books that were intentionally designed to act as a bridge between encyclopedia entries - which are usually brief, and focused on a well formed concept or person - and  full fledged research monographs which are often a fairly probing and in depth examination of a topic.  Three series of books where you may find material that is helpful are the Oxford Handbook series, the Blackwell Companion Series, and the Cambridge Companion series.  These collect longer articles by experts in the field that give extended treatment of the topic. A search query using the terms from the name of the series and a set of terms on the topic in which you are interested may yield a set of resources. 

However, these series are not the only useful series of philosophy books available to you. You may want to explore your topic's array of literature for titles beyond these series.

Some examples are listed below.


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Books About the Craft of Writing

There are many books that will help you plan a paper in history or philosophy and will give examples and instructional suggestions that may be helpful.