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Library Research Skills for GSPIA and International Students

This guide is designed to orient GSPIA students on library research skills for academic success at a graduate level. The information presented in this guide will be especially useful to GSPIA's international students.

Databases for GSPIA

Databases for GSPIA

This page Linked above is the starting point to choose a database related to GSPIA and Global Studies subjects. The page features brief descriptions and links to relevant databases.  It also features a list of library research guides on subjects related to GSPIA  (i.e. Asian Country Research, Emerging Market Countries, and Nonprofit Research). 

Socioeconomic, Political, and International Affairs Databases

Databases are great sources for articles because databases offer high quality, scholarly information.  If you know the name of the database you want to search, start at the Databases A-Z by Title list.  If you’re not sure which database to search, you can search databases in a particular Subject, or just ask a librarian subject specialist for guidance by calling 412-648-3331 or chatting online at Ask-A-Librarian.  The databases below are excellent starting points for your research.

Below are several databases useful when searching for articles about political, social and economic conditions. The topic you select may affect the databases you choose.  They have limited statistical content.  If you have trouble deciding on databases to start with contact the subject liaison librarians specialists.  Usually the first 5 databases will give you a good start.