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EndNote for Chinese Databases @ Pitt

This guide introduces the various features and functions of EndNote as a citation management tool, and how to use EndNote for citation management of Chinese electronic resources.

Cite While You Write

EndNote's Cite While You Write (CWYW) plugin for MS Word is part of the desktop program installation. If you're using EndNote Web, you can download the plugin. This connects your EndNote references library with your word processor.

To use CWYW, have EndNote open while typing in Word. When you need to insert a citation, click the Go to EndNote button on the EndNote toolbar, which will bring up your EndNote window. Select the reference you want to cite, and then go back to Word click the Insert Citation button on the EndNote toolbar. This will insert an in-text citation at the insertion point and a reference listing at the end of the document, both formatted to the selected style.

You can edit a citation by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Citation from the pop-up menu. Use this if you want to exclude the author or year from a citation.

EndNote在MS Word 中的边写边引(CWYW)插件可以在桌面版安装时自动生成。如果你在使用EndNote网络版,你可以下载此插件(download the plugin)。这样你的EndNote文库就与文字处理器连接了起来。


  • 打开EndNote, 然后在Word撰写文章。
  • 需要引用参考文献时,点击工具栏上的EndNote, 然后点击Go to EndNote 。
  • 在EndNote视窗中,选择你要引用的参考文献。
  • 回到Word,  点击Insert Citation。这会在文中插入引文,在文末建立一笔参考文献,引文与参考文献都会被设置为指定的参考文献格式。

如果你需要编辑某一插入引文,如去除作者名或者年份,你可以点击鼠标右键,从弹窗选择“Edit Citation”。


EndNote allows you to select and change the citation style of references in a document. The EndNote toolbar displays the current style, and the drop down arrow will reveal other popular or recently used styles. The Select Another Style option opens a pop-up with the hundreds of citation styles that come with EndNote.

Changing the citation style in Word will automatically refomat all the citations and the bibliography according to the new style's rules. 

Sometimes, you may need to edit an existing citation style to customize it for your exact needs. This could be as simple as adding page numbers to an in-text citation or using a full journal name as opposed to an abbreivated title. The below links and documents illustrate downloading, editing, and creating new output styles.


你可以在EndNote中选择并修改文档中的参考文献格式。EndNote的工具栏显示当前的引文格式,下拉箭头会显示其他常用格式或者新近用过的格式。点击“Select Another Style”, 你能从弹窗中选择数百种参考文献格式。

在Word 文档中改变引文格式,所有的引文与参考文献表都后自动格式化为新的引文格式。