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EndNote for Chinese Databases @ Pitt

This guide introduces the various features and functions of EndNote as a citation management tool, and how to use EndNote for citation management of Chinese electronic resources.

Add References and Files

Export references into EndNote from a database or other resource. Many databases and online resources offer an option to export references directly into EndNote, or an option to save to a general citation manager. Either option will work.

Use EndNote to search library catalogs. You can use EndNote itself to search library catalogs. In the Online Search mode, you can find a list of these catalogs by clicking more in the Library pane of the EndNote window.

Create a New Reference by using the New Reference button. This option is especially good for nontraditional information sources like email or interviews.

Import references into EndNote. You can do this by saving a reference to your computer desktop as a text file, and then importing it into your account by using the Import option under the File drop-down menu.



应用Endnote来搜索图书馆目录。你可以应用EndNote自身来搜索图书馆目录。在Online Search(在线搜索)模式中,你可以在Endnote窗口的Library版面点击More来找到这些目录。

应用New reference键来建立一个新的参考文献。这个选项对于处理非传统信息资源例如电子邮件或者采访十分有用。


You can import multiple references from RIS files or other citation management software into a Endnote account.

  1. Export the references from your other citation management software. If you don't see an option to export in EndNote format, use the RIS format.
  2. In EndNote Desktop, select Import from the File drop down menu.
  3. Navigate to the downloaded reference list and click Import.
  4. Once the processing is complete your records will appear in the Imported References folder

Adding the Capture web plug-in can replace this process. This will allow you to import citations directly from a variety of databases. For Capture to work best, you must be in a Capture compatible resource and at the individual item level (not in a list of citations).


  1. 将参考文献从你的其他引用管理软件中导出。如果你没有找到以EndNote格式导出的选项,可以选用RIS格式。
  2. 在EndNote桌面版,在文件下拉菜单中选择“Import from the File” 导入。
  3. 找到下载的参考文献列表,点击Import。
  4. 整个过程一旦完成,将会在 Imported References(导入参考文献)文件夹中显示你的记录。

加入网页捕捉功能可以取代这个过程。这样可以使你从各种数据库中直接导入引文。为了让捕捉功能更好地工作,你所搜索的数据库必须与捕捉功能兼容。 该功能只能捕捉单个参考文献,不能捕捉列有多个参考文献的目录表。

To find the full text articles of citations in your EndNote x6 library, you can use the "Find Full Text" tool by following these steps:

  1. From the top menu bar, choose Edit-->Preferences (For Mac users, choose: EndNote x6-->Preferences)
  2. Choose the Find Full Text option
  3. In the OpenURL Path field, copy and paste:
  4. In the Authenticate with: URL field, copy and paste:

Now you've authenticated yourself as an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh, so when you search for full text it will search the licensed content available from the University Library System's databases. To have EndNote search for PDF full text, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the article or articles (hold down the Shift key while clicking to highlight multiple citations at once)
  2. From the top menu bar, choose References-->Find Full Text-->Find Full Text
  3. Agree to the Copyright notification
  4. On the left-hand side of your library, you'll see a list showing the number of articles being searched for full text, how many were found, and how many were not found. If found, the PDF automatically attaches to the citation.


你可以通过使用“Find Full Text”这一功能,搜寻你的EndnoteX7文库中的参考文献引文的全文。为了利用这一功能,你首先需要在EndNote X7中设置Open URL Path, 以及 Authentication,具体步骤如下:

  1. 从顶端菜单的EDIT栏下,选择PREFERENCES(对于苹果电脑用户,选择EndNote x7-->Preferences))。
  2. 选择Find Full Text (寻找全文)选项。
  3. 在 OpenURL Path 一栏中复制并粘贴
  4. 在验证URL一栏中复制并粘贴:

现在你已经验证成为匹兹堡大学的一员,能够搜索到匹兹堡大学图书馆数据库中已经被许可的内容,诸如PDF 全文或者全文链接,具体步骤如下:

  1. 将一篇或者多篇文章标亮(按住shift键并一次点击标亮多个引文)
  2. 从最上端的菜单栏中,选择REFERECE S(参考文献)栏,然后 Find Full Text --> Find Full Text
  3. 在Copyright (版权)提示项下,选择 Agree (同意)。
  4. 在EndNote library  视窗左侧一栏中,你可以看到搜索的列表结果,比如多少文献已经找到,多少文献没有找到。如果文献被找到,PDF版本会被自动粘贴到引文。

You can build your own research database in EndNote.

Attaching files to a reference in EndNote Desktop

Option 1: Drag and drop files directly into the reference.

Option 2: Manually attach files

  1. When you export a reference into a EndNote account, it does not export any available full text; you must do this manually for each file you wish to add. Save the full text file of the document to the computer desktop or a USB drive.
  2. Once the reference is exported into your EndNote account, click on that reference, and then click the Attach Files icon (paper clip). Or double-click the reference to open the editing window and then click the Attach Files icon.
  3. Browse to the file and double-click to attach.

Attaching files to a reference in EndNote Web

  1. If you are viewing a list of references, click the file attachment button (paper clip) to open the File Attachments window. Then click Attach Files. (If you are viewing the full reference in the View Reference window, click Attach Files)
  2. The Upload Files window allows you to upload up to five files at a time. Click Browse to find the file you want to upload. When you have selected the file(s), click Upload.

Note: You cannot attach files in EndNote Web unless you sync it with your copy of EndNote Desktop.

Note: You can highlight and annotate PDF files in EndNote Desktop.



EndNote Desktop有两种手动操作方式可以选择。



  • 将文档的全文文件存入桌面版或者USB中。
  • 一旦参考文献被导入进你的EndNote帐户,点击这个参考文献,然后点击粘贴文件按钮(回形针)。或者双击参考文件打开编辑窗口,然后点击粘贴文件按钮。
  • 浏览文件并双击粘贴。



  • 如果你浏览的是参考文献列表,点击文件粘贴按钮(回形针)来打开文件粘贴窗口。然后点击粘贴文献(如果你在浏览参考文献窗口来浏览参考文献,点击粘贴文件按钮)
  • 上传文件夹窗口允许你一次上传最多5个文件。点击浏览按钮来找到你想上传的文件。当你选择了这个文件,点击上传。



This video covers exporting reference information from Web of Science into EndNote. Many databases have an Export to EndNote option. Use theResearchSoft Direct Export Helper as shown in the video.

该视频介绍从Web of Science 数据库将参考文献引文导入EndNote 的具体步骤。很多数据库都有 Export to EndNote选项。你需要如视频所介绍的那样,使用ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper

This video introduces ways to configure the Find Full Text function, and the instructions on how to use the function to find PDF full text or URL link to full text.

该视频介绍如何设置Find Full Text,功能, 以及如何利用该功能找到PDF全文或者全文链接。