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EndNote @ Pitt - Information in English and Chinese

This guide is created to help Chinese speaking users better understand and use functions of EndNote.

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is the online component of EndNote. All Pitt students and faculty have access to EndNote Web through Pitt's subscription to the Web of Science database. You can sign up for an account at For verification purposes, you have to do this from a computer on the Pitt network, using your Pitt email address.

With EndNote Web you can access your collection of references from any computer with Internet access. You can also search databases from it, and export references from library databases to it, and import saved references. You can sync your desktop Endnote collection and your EndNote Web collection. EndNote Web also has a Cite While You Write (CWYW) plug-in, so you don't have to be tied to one computer when writing a research paper.

EndNote网页版是EndNote的在线部分。所有匹大师生均可以通过匹大订阅的Web of Science数据库端口进入Endnote网页。为了验证目的,你需要通过在一台有匹大网络的电脑进行这个操作,并使用你的匹大邮箱地址。

有了EndNote网页版,你可以通过任何一台有互联网端口的电脑进入到你的参考文献数据库。你可以从直接从搜索数据库,或者搜索数据库后导出参考文献到网页版,或者导入保存在你电脑上的参考文献。你可以同步你的EndNote桌面版和EndNote网页版。EndNote网页版也有Cite While You Write (CWYW)功能键,所以当你写研究文章时不必拘泥于一台电脑。

This video gives an overview of EndNote Web. Other helpful tutorials are:

If you prefer text rather than video, EndNote Web also has an online guide.

此视频简略介绍EndNote 网络版的各项功能。相关的帮助指南包括:

如果你更愿意读文字,而不是看视频,网络版网站有线上指南  online guide.