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EndNote @ Pitt - Information in English and Chinese

This guide is created to help Chinese speaking users better understand and use functions of EndNote.

Organize and Share

Use the Groups menu or the Group section in your library to:

  • Create Groups - references that you select
  • Create Smart Groups - references that EndNote can select for you from your references
  • Create From Groups - a new group based on references in existing groups

You can share individual references with colleagues in EndNote Desktop by choosing the mail icon to share a PDF or right-clicking the reference and selecting E-mail reference.

在EndNote 桌面版建立群与共享


  • Groups – 这个群里收集你选定的参考引文。
  • Smart Groups – 由EndNote系统从你的参考引文里筛选出来的参考引文。
  • From Groups – 基于已有的群而建立的新群。

在EndNote桌面版你不能共享你的群,但是可以通过电子邮件的方式共享某一个参考文献引文或者PDF 全文。

Create a group to collect references together by subject or by project.

Creating Groups in EndNote Web:

  1. Click the Organize tab which will display the Manage My Groups page.
  2. Click the New Group button in the My Groups table.
  3. Enter a name in the textbox provided.
  4. Click the OK button.

在EndNote 网络帐户建立群


1.点击Organize,会出现Manage My Groups 页面

2.在My Groups 页面点击 New Group



EndNote Web allows you to share collections of references with collaborators. After you organize your references into groups, you can give collaborators read/write or read only access to any of the groups through the Manage My Groupsfunction under the Organize tab. Full details for EndNote Web can be found on the Managing Shared Groups page of the help guide.



群共享只能在EndNote 网络帐户实现,具体步骤如下。

  • 把参考文献引文归档入群。
  • 点击ORGANIZE,会出现Manage My Groups 页面。
  • 找到你想共享的群,选择Share。
  • 点击 Manage Sharing。
  • 输入共享者的电子邮件地址,用回车键分开不同的邮件地址。共享者最多可达1千人。
  • 设定共享权限:Read only (仅限阅读), 或者Read & Write (阅读加修改)。
  •  点击Apply。

更详细的帮助指南,请参照Managing Shared Groups 页。

  • You can share groups with EndNote Web users at any institution.
  • You can share groups with individuals who have not yet created their EndNote Web account. The group will automatically appear after they've registered and logged in.
  • Groups shared to you do not count against your 500 personal group limit.
  • You can give Read only access to some users and Read & Write access to other users for the same group.
  • If more than one person is editing the same reference simultaneously, the person who saves last will submit the final edits.
  • Users with Read & Write access can edit reference data and remove the reference from the shared group. They cannot delete the reference from the owner's library.
  • References in shared groups can be searched.
  • References in shared groups cannot be copied to your Quick List.
  • Shared groups are available to generate a Bibliography or an export file.
  • File attachments cannot be shared among users in a group.

从EndNote Web进行群共享的温馨提示

  • 你可以与任何机构的EndNote 网络版用户进行群共享。
  • 即使共享方还没有建立EndNote 网络帐户,你也同样可以与他/她共享。一旦建立了网络帐户并且登录, 共享的群会自动出现在他们的帐户里。
  • 与你共享的群不占用你500个群的定额。
  • 你可以为同一群里的共享者设定不同的共享权限。
  • 如果两人或两人以上同时编辑一笔参考文献引文,最后存档者的编辑将被网络存档。
  • 拥有Read & Write的共享者可以编辑参考文献引文,从共享群删除参考文献引文,但这样做不会删除你EndNote桌面版文库里的参考文献引文。
  • 共享群里的参考文献引文可以被搜索。
  • 共享群里的参考文献不能拷贝到你的 Quick List.
  • 从共享群里的参考文献引文可以生成参考文献列表或者导出文档。
  • 共享群里的参考文献全文附件不能在群成员间共享。