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EndNote @ Pitt - Information in English and Chinese

This guide is created to help Chinese speaking users better understand and use functions of EndNote.


Web Capture


EndNote offers a couple ways to save references directly from your browser into EndNote Web or EndNote Desktop. One is through Capture, a downloadable extension for the Firefox browser, and the other is through the Capture Reference bookmarklet. The Download Installers link from the EndNote Web page gives full details.


The Capture button (plug-in) is available on the EndNote Web toolbar which is created automatically when you install the Cite While You Write plug-in or the Firefox Extension.

Capture Reference

The Capture Reference bookmarklet is available if you downloaded the Web Capture installer.

The Capture tools scan the bibliographic information presented on a Web page and create a reference that you can save to a new or existing group. If no group is specified, the reference is saved to Unfiled.

For the Capture buttons to work best, you must be in a Capture compatible resource and at the individual item level (not in a list of citations). List of Capture Compatible Sources.

EndNote提供多种方式,供你把参考文献直接从网页浏览器存入EndNote 桌面版或者网络版。方式之一就是“Capture” (捕捉)。这是专为用Firefox 或者Google Chrome 浏览器使用EndNote网络版而设计的一个插件,分两个部分:CAPTURE 插件(plug-in),以及 CAPTURE REFERENCE 小书标(bookmarklet)。

Capture 功能将网页扫描,并且将网页信息自动生成参考引文,供你存入EndNote网络版帐户。你可以把它存入一个已设或新建的的群。如果不选择,它将存入Unfiled 文件夹。

为了让捕捉功能更好地工作,你所搜索的数据库或网页必须与捕捉功能兼容。 该功能只能捕捉单个参考文献,不能捕捉列有多个参考文献的目录表。这张表上列有 与捕捉功能兼容的网络资源(List of Capture Compatible Sources)。

To capture a reference:

  1. Navigate to the Web page that presents bibliographic data. (Refer to the list of Capture Compatible Sources)
  2. Click the Capture button in the EndNote Web toolbar or the Capture References bookmarklet button.
  3. Complete or modify any of the reference fields.
  4. Click the Save to button and select EndNote Web. Alternately, select EndNote to save the reference to your library in EndNote Desktop.
  5. Select the ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper to open the file if prompted.
  6. Select the EndNote Library if prompted. (only when capturing to EndNote Desktop)

Note: Be aware that some Web sites alter the URL during your session. Changing the record view can have this effect.

If you are viewing an abstract version of a record, make sure to determine the abstract's origin before saving to your library. Abstracts are sometimes provided by publishers or other resources and can be inaccurate. Only cite from an abstract if it was written by the same author(s) of the full-text version.


  1. 浏览参考文献网页 (参考Capture Compatible Sources)
  2. 点击EndNote Web工具栏上的 Capturet图标,或者浏览器工具栏的Capture Reference 小书标
  3. 预览、补充或修改捕捉到的参考文献各项信息。
  4. 点击“Save”,选择 EndNote Web或者EndNote Destop将参考文献存档。
  5. 如果需要,选择ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper来打开文件。
  6. 如果需要,选择EndNote Library(只适用于将捕捉到的引文存入EndNote桌面版)。


如果捕捉到的参考文献里有摘要,请在存档前注意核实文摘的出处。有时候,摘要出自出版社或者其他来源,可能并不准确。应该只 引用全文作者本人提供的摘要。

  • You have to install the EndNote Web plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox to use this feature.
  • If you have the EndNote Web plug-in for Internet Explorer installed, you can choose to download references to EndNote Web or another Thomson Reuters research software application if one is also installed.
  • At this time, EndNote Web is not able to import records from resources that do not have an identifiable mimetype defined in the export file. This limitation only applies to the Firefox plug-in.
  • For Firefox users, if you have installed Zotero, you may need to unselect Zotero's handling of RIS files in Zotero preferences.

A default reference type, the type most commonly used, is assigned to each Resource. After saving the reference with Capture, confirm that the reference type is correct and all fields indicated with asterisks are complete.


  • 你需要下载和安装EndNote网络版插件,Internet Explorer和Firefox浏览器才能使用捕捉功能
  • 如果你使用Internet Explorer, 并且安装了插件,你可以将捕捉到的参考引文下载到EndNote 网络帐户或者Thomson Reuters 公司开发的另一款研究应用软件。
  • 目前,EndNote网络版只能从那些导出文档明确标明为mimetype的网络资源导入所捕捉到的参考引文。这一局限只是与Firefox 插件有关。
  • 如果你使用Firefox浏览器,而且安装了Zotero, 你可能需要Zotero preferences (优选设置)里取消使用Zotero来处理RIS文档选项。