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Chinese Studies Resources and Services @ Pitt: How to Search and Locate

Find Chinese and China-related materials at Pitt and beyond!

How to Search Chinese Materials

There are two ways you can use to search Chinese materials in catalogs of libraries outside of China: searching by Chinese characters, or searching by the Pinyin transliteration. Searching by Chinese characters is self-evident--you just need to type in the characters using whatever input method you use. Searching by pinyin transliteration is somewhat tricky as it involves certain rules governing syllable spaces. So it will be extremely helpful to know some basic rules as indicated below.

In general, enter the pinyin for each Chinese character with a space.

Examples: 宗教 zong jiao , 政治  zheng zhi,  汉语教学   han yu jiao xue

  • Special occasions where you do need to join the syllables:
    Given names: 吕叔湘 lu shuxiang 
  • Multi-character surnames: 司马相如   sima xiangru
  • Forenames and courtesy names: 孔子 kongzi
  • Names of persons of religious vocation:
    玄奘法师 xuangzang fa shi
  • Multi-character geographical names
    中华人民共和国 zhonghua renmin gongheguo
  • Names of racial, linguistic, or ethnic groups:
    基督徒 jidu tu
    毛南族  maonan zu
    美国人 meiguo ren

Where to Search Chinese Materials