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History 0600/0601/0670/0671 - Titusville Campus: Getting Started

Designed to assist History students distinguish between Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources - Titusville Campus

This guide will assist you in completing Professor Caton's assignment for History 0600: United States History through 1877, History 0601: United States History 1865 to Present, History 0670: Afro-American History 1,  or History 0671: Afro-American History 2. This guide will help you understand the difference between primary and secondary sources, provide information on how to write an annotation, provide samples of annotated bibliographies, and provide a link to APA style and how to construct citations following this style. It will also provide you with links to helpful sites and to connecting to Pitt's Digital Library from home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the library or stop by the library to talk with a librarian.

NOTE: You can click Print Page on any page of this research guide to print a copy of all resources and their URLs, where applicable.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

A short video clip explaining the difference between Primary and Secondary Sources.

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