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Identify Potential Collaborators By Research Analysis Tools: Identify Collaborators Via SciVal

This guide provides faculty and researchers with information on how to identify collaborators by analyzing authorship, readership and citation links in SciVal, Google Scholar, ResearchGate or Mendeley.

Identify a Collaborator Via SciVal

Using Scival, you can evaluate the performance of a known researcher in the field. You can start the process by defining and creating a profile of that researcher.

To define and view a researcher:

  • Go to My SciVal and click on “Define a new Researcher”
  • Now go to Overview and select your new researcher.
  • You can now evaluate the research performance of this researcher. You can also see the collaborating institutions and co-authors of this researcher.

The Institutions and Authors tabs for a country can also be used to identify potential collaboration partners - both institutions and individual researchers.
For instance, you are looking for collaboration partners in the United States within the field of Mathematics:

  • Select United States in the entity selection panel
  • Select Mathematics from the dropdown menu at the top of the page
  • Go to the Institutions and Authors tabs to find out who the key players in that country are.

Watch the video on the right side for a brief demo of the process.

Video Tutorial: Identify a Potential Collaborator Via SciVal

This video will show you how to identify top researchers in a particular subject field and in a particular country by searching the database SciVal. To watch in full screen: Follow this link, or click Play, and then click the small yellow box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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