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Language of Science and Technology - Oakland Campus: Writing & Citing

A guide for students in ENGCMP 1101 with Professor Edwards.

Quick Links

Listed below are a few quick links to resources that will aid you in citing sources.

Additional Libguides

Consider Your Audience

Consider your audience and the purpose of your writing.

  • Are you writing to explain? convince? review or critique?
  • Is your audience experts, students, the general public?
  • Are you writing formally or informally?

Write with your audience in mind.

  • Make it easy for your readers to get your message.
  • Organize your document logically.
  • Write clearly.
  • Write concisely.
  • Include the appropriate level of detail.
  • Read your document from the point of view of your readers, and revise appropriately.

Citing Sources Using a Citation Manager

Keep track of all of your reference lists and bibliographies. Pitt's library resources work with tools such as Mendeley and EndNote, and allow you to import citations from sources like PITTCat+ and article databases.