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Orientation to New Chinese Students - Oakland Campus

This guide is created to help newly arrived Chinese students to get familiar with the University Library System's (ULS) resources and services.

How to Search PITTCat+ for Chinese Materials

Pretty much the same as you would search English materials, except your search term is in Chinese. You may type in the Chinese search term either in Chinese characters or in Pinyin transliteration. If you use Pinyin, please pay attention to the rules on syllable separation or connecting.


  • 书名红楼梦 or hong lou meng
  • 期刊名当代电影 or dang dai dian ying
  • 作者名 – 曹雪芹 or Cao xueqin
  • 关键词  历史 or li shi

Screenshot of Chinese search result

Chinese Transliteration Rules


In general, enter the pinyin for each Chinese character with a space.
如:宗教 zong jiao, 政治 zheng zhi, 物理 wu li, 工学院 gong xue yuan

Special occasions where you do need to join the syllables.

  • 名 Given names: 贾樟柯 jia zhangke
  • 复姓 Multi-character surnames: 司马相如 sima xiangru
  • 尊称 Forenames and courtesy names: 孔子 kongzi, 庄子 zhuangzi
  • 法名、法号 Names of persons of religious vocation: 玄奘法师 xuangzang fa shi
  • 地名 Geographical names: 中国 zhongguo, 北京 beijing
  • 复合地名 Multi-character geographical names: 中华人民共和国 zhonghua renmin gongheguo
  • 语种、宗教派别、族裔 Names of racial, linguistic, or ethnic groups: 基督徒 jidu tu, 毛南族 maonan zu, 美国人 meiguo ren