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Audio-Visual Resources @ Pitt Archives & Special Collections (A&SC): Transportation

Guide to audio-visual collections at Archives & Special Collections. Including information on rights and reproductions.

Railroad Resources

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company Records, 1850-1999, AIS.1982.23  Contains 2,055 images that are available online dating from 1886 through 1971 and show various branch lines that were controlled by the New York Central from 1883 through 1968 and then by Penn Central. The images also document many non-railroad activities and scenes in urban and rural areas showing railroad equipment, such as rail cars and engines, as well as the stations, local industry, and the small towns through which they passed.

Pennsylvania Railroad Glass Plate Negative Collection, 1907-1917, AIS.2012.06  Contains 345 gelatin dry plate images of railroad infrastructure dating from 1907-1917 which are available online. Many of the images depict construction and repair projects to the company's lines, both within the city of Pittsburgh, as well as across the Midwest, including the famed Michigan Central Passenger Station. 

Monongahela Railway Company Photograph Collection Contains 623 images that are available online dating from 1905 through 1975. The images document railroad activities, buildings, equipment, and staff, as well as rivers and coal mining. They also help to document the communities through which the railroad passed.

Ken Kobus Photograph Collection  Contains 287selected images that are available online documenting the railroad and steel industries in Pennsylvania taken during the 1980s and early 1990s as well as views of Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania regions.


Mayer Body Corporation Photographic Collection, AIS.1987.04  Approximately 3,469  gelatin silver prints and large format safety negatives dating between 1917 and 1966 documenting truck bodies built for Pittsburgh businesses.

Street Car Resources

Monongahela Inclined Plane Company Records, 1863-1965, AIS.1965.07 Approximately 100 photographs occupy Series XI of this manuscript collection and document the evolution of the incline from a triple track with cargo capacity to a double track passenger line.

Joseph J. Jessel, Jr. Slide Collection, 1961-1973, AIS.1975.12:  This collection includes 387 color photographic slides of street cars in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for the years 1961-1973.

Pittsburgh Railways Company Records, 1872-1974, AIS.1974.29 Contains 108 images dating from 1872 through 1970 that show many styles and views of street railway cars owned by this company. Also included are views of some of Pittsburgh’s inclined railroads such as the Mt. Oliver, Castle Shannon, and Knoxville Incline Planes.