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Audio-Visual Resources @ Pitt Archives & Special Collections (A&SC): Moving Image Resources

Guide to audio-visual collections at Archives & Special Collections. Including information on rights and reproductions.

How are moving images used?

Moving image resources really lend themselves to reuse. Sometimes, a researcher has a known quote and finds the footage of the person uttering the very words. In the case of one project, the researchers knew that Nate Smith said the words, "What does trouble mean?" After searching hours of footage, the researchers and the media curator found the footage.  This film clip was created to promote the documetary, "What Does Trouble Mean?" produced by the Robert Morris Center for Documentary Production and Study. Much of the moving image footage seen here originated from the KDKA Eyewitness Newsfilm collection housed at the Archives Service Center. The award winning film has also aired on WQED and at the August Wilson Center.

Labor and Industry Film

Crucible Research Training Film Collection, ca. 1948-1975, AIS.1998.33 Contains 74 16mm films and 35mm slides were used by Crucible Research for safety training activities. The films date from circa 1948 to 1975 and were produced by organizations such as the American Iron and Steel Institute, the United Steelworkers of America, the American Management Association, and Development Dimensions, Inc.

Lawrence F. Evans Collection, 1978-1988, AIS.1988.17 Contains 81 U-Matic videocassettes and other film footage that include oral history interviews of workers from Donetsk, Ukraine, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tapes also include footage of labor related activities, and Pittsburgh Community Television shows such as “Steel Valley Stories” and “Our Own Show.” 

Peace TV Video Collection, 1978-1992, AIS.1993.06  Contains 115 U-matic and VHS videotapes produced by Richard Fishkin between 1988 and 1990 as an alternative to what was called "War TV." It provided viewers with alternative sources of in-depth news and information on peace and social justice issues, as well as programing one would rarely see on local commercial or public broadcast TV.

UE Radio Broadcasts and Film Records, 1941-2002, UE.8.2  VHS, U-Matic, and reel to reel UE and locally produced films containing information on labor issues, footage from UE National Conventions and rallies, and Labor Party events.

Other Resources

guide is available to help researchers locate other film resources available to the Pitt community.

Pitt-Related Footage

University of Pittsburgh Archives Moving Images Collection Contains over 2,300 films and videos that mainly pertain to University of Pittsburgh athletics as well as University events and history.

CIDDE Videotapes, ca. 1982- ca. 2000, UA.2001.15, Contains approximately 5,000 videotapes documenting course lectures, student activities, athletics, prominent visitors, and other events as they pertain to the University of Pittsburgh.

About Moving Image Collections

Thousands of hours of 16mm film and video are included either as part of manuscript collections or comprise their own collections. Footage can be found from local television news film to industrial and documentary footage. Film not only supplements the manuscript collections of the archives, but also serves as primary research material in its own right.  The film in the Archives Service Center collections provides a look at Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania  history as it unfolded and helps gain an understanding of the imporant issues of the region.

News Film

Community Media, Inc. Records, 1989-2003, AIS.2004.01 Contains 29 videotapes including the program Community Eye with a highlight tape featuring the Community Media Demo Reel with clips of “Community Eye” (1990), the J. Henry Redwood play, “Layers” (1991), the Rob Penny play, “Clean Drums” (1993-94), “A Safe Place”(1996), “Harambe!” (1997), the August Wilson play, “Things That Fit” (1998, based on 1992 Pittsburgh Theatre Production), and an extended cut of “Enough is Enough” (working title, “Jonny Gammage: Enough is ENOUGH!”). Audio, still photographs, and records documenting the operation and projects of Community Media, Inc. are also available.

KDKA Pitt Parade, 1949-1959, AIS.1984.30a and AIS.1984.30b Approximately 800 16mm newsreels and accompanying scripts created by Bill Beal and Maury Fierst to create five to ten minute daily newscasts on KDKA and under previous call letters, WDTV. The program debuted on January 12, 1949. Subjects covered include social and community news as well as some hard news stories. 

KDKA Eyewitness News,1966-1979, AIS.1984.30c  Approximately 7,080 reels of 16mm film footage of news stories covered by KDKA on the evening news. Also included is footage from NBC and WDTV dating from the 1950's.

KDKA Sunday Business Page, AIS.2003.03  Videotape and scripts covering the local business news magazine hosted by reporter Bill Flanagan.

P.J. O'Connell Film Collection, 1963-1967, AIS.1998.3  Contains 12 reels of 16mm motion picture footage shot, directed, and/or produced by P.J. O'Connell while he worked as a cameraman for WIIC-TV and WQED-TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also included are films submitted for the Golden Quill Award.

WTAE_TV News Film, 1962-1976, AIS.2015.13 Approximately 7,763 film cans documenting daily news stories, special events, sports, and special programming as covered by WTAE-TV between April 1962 and December 1976 including footage of popular shows such as The Black Chronicle and AM Pittsburgh.

Documentary Film

Steffi Domike Papers, 1946-2009, AIS.1997.20 Contains footage and research materials relating to the films, “The River Ran Red," "Women of Steel,” "Life Without Father,"  "Nicarribe" and her oral history project, "Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport." This collection contains 721 video cassettes, 129 audio cassette tapes, and 72 16mm film reels.  Materials relating to other projects including the Battle of Homestead Foundation, the Mon Valley Unemployed Committed, Edward Sadlowski campaign for the presidency of the United Steelworkers of America and SubRosa are also included.

"Hard Choices" Documentary Project Collection, 1982-1986, AIS.2004.19  Contains 117 videocassettes, including BetaSP, 3/4" Umatic, and VHS tapes, that contain footage used to create the completed film, "Hard Choices" documenting the decline of the steel industry in Midland, Pennsylvania. Research notes are also available.

Peace TV Video Collection, 1978-1992, AIS.1993.06 Contains 120 Beta, Umatic and VHS videotapes of programs produced by Rich Fishkin of Peace TV on political, environmental, physical and spiritual health isuues. These issues include: world peace, U.S.-Soviet peace talks, U.S. military weaponry ("war toys"), the homeless and hungry, nuclear war, and many other topics.

Raymond Proffitt Foundation Video Collection on the Environmental Effects of Longwall Mining, 2000-2003, AIS.2004.04  Contains 44 videotapes documenting the surface devastation caused by longwall mining in Green and Washington Counties in Pennsylvania.