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CHIN 1999: Senior Thesis/Project- Oakland Campus: Locating Books & More

This guide is designed to help undergraduate students doing research for their senior thesis and/or projects.

How to Search for Chinese Resources

Guides to Searching PITTCat

Basics of Pinyin Transliteration

In general, enter the pinyin for each Chinese character with a space.

Examples: 宗教 zong jiao , 政治  zheng zhi,  汉语教学   han yu jiao xue

Special occasions where you do need to join the syllables:

  • Given names: 贾樟柯 jia zhangke 
  • Multi-character surnames: 司马相如   sima xiangru
  • Forenames and courtesy names: 孔子 kongzi
  • Names of persons of religious vocation:
    • 玄奘法师 xuanzang fa shi
  • Multi-character geographical names
    • 中华人民共和国 zhonghua renmin gongheguo
  • Names of racial, linguistic, or ethnic groups:
    • 基督徒 jidu tu
    • 毛南族  maonan zu
    • 美国人 meiguo ren