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Welcome to the Jewish Studies Research Guide




Elementary Hebrew 2

Haya Feig

JS 0014    

 MTWThF 10-10:50 (5 credits)

Intermediate Hebrew 4

Haya Feig

JS 0025

MWF  11-11:50

Biblical Hebrew

Haya Feig

JS 0037

TTh  11-12:15 (5 credits)


Introduction to Yiddish Language and Literature

David Schlitt

JS  0040 /GER 0033

Th 6-8:20 pm

Detective Fiction (Jewish Themes)

Jeff Aziz

JS 0625/ ENGLIST 0625

Th 6-8:20 pm

Israel in the Biblical Age

Benjamin Gordon

JS 1100/HIST 1765/RELGST 1100

MWF 11-11:50  Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Reg

Jerusalem: History and Imagination

Benjamin Gordon

JS 1160/HIST 1779/HAA 1105/RELGST 1160

MW 3-4:15  Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Reg  OR Historical Change

Religion, Nature, and the Environment

Benjamin Gordon


TTh 9:30-10:45   Gen-Ed : Foreign Culture/Com

Jews and Judaism in the Modern World

Rachel Kranson

JS 1250/HIST 1767/RELGST 1250

TTh 11-12:15  Gen-Ed: Historical Change

Holocaust History and Memory

Rachel Kranson

JS 1252/HIST 1769/RELGST 1252

TTh 2:30-3:45  Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Reg  OR Historical Change

Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Middle Ages: Connection & Conflict

Adam Shear

JS 1644/HIST 1768/RELGST 1644

TTh 9:30-10:45  Gen-Ed: Historical Change

The Historical Jesus

Tucker Ferda

JS 1645/RELGST 1645

TTh 1-2:15   Gen-Ed: Historical Change 

Inventing Israel: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Post-Zionism

Adam Shear

JS 1681/HIST 1712/RELGST 1681

TTh 1-2:15  Gen-Ed: Historical Change

Capstone Paper for Certificate

Benjamin Gordon

JS 1901 Independent Study (3 credits)

times TBA

Internships for Credit, Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, Directed Research: for opportunities or email:  for more information about internships and research opportunities.

JS 1900,1902,

1904, 1905

1-4 credits



The purpose of this guide is to provide a space for links and information related to research in the field of Jewish Studies. This includes major reference sources, primary resources, local Jewish history resources, newspapers, journals, databases and web sites, and information about using Hillman Library, the main humanities and social sciences library on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Jewish Studies is a multidisciplinary field of study, so there are a variety of types of resources in this guide, covering history and religious studies, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, language, and thirteen other departments/programs.

Collection Highlights

The Jewish Studies library collection in Hillman Library represents a wide range of topics mostly within the social sciences and humanities. Our coverage includes titles from many countries and time periods and from many university and academic presses. In addition to these materials, we have been able to make more specialized purchases due to our initial funding from the Gertrude and Philip Hoffman family. These include:


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